Department of Food Science and Engineering (FSE), the youngest department of the Faculty of Agriculture - University of Zanjan, was established in 2008 with the aim of training students in different areas such as food processing, storage of agricultural products, quality control, designing and optimizing production lines of food factories.

A group of 6 full time academic staff members and 1 lab technician at FSE investigate different aspects of food processing and engineering such as technological, physical, microbiological, and chemical properties of food products.

The research laboratories of FSE are listed below:

-Novel food research Lab.

- Bioactive compounds recovery and development of functional foods Lab.

- Food packaging Lab.

-Texture analysis Lab.

The FSE offers B.Sc. in Food Science and Engineering, and M.Sc. in fields of Food Technology and Food Engineering. To obtain B.Sc. degree in Food Science and Engineering, undergraduate students must take a total of 140 credits. MSc students must take 32 credits (6 credits are the Thesis) to obtain M.Sc. degree.

Communication with Food industry

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